• Clinic Info


    Hematology Oncology Life Center is conveniently located at 605 Medical Center Drive in the Cancer Treatment Center of Rapides Regional Medical Center.


    The office hours are 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Thursday and 8AM to 2PM on Friday. For emergency needs that arise after hours and on weekends your doctor or associate remains available. Calling the office during regular working hours allows prompt attention to routine problems, medications refills, and appointment scheduling.


    You may reach us at 318-442-2232. The office staff has been specially trained to answer most questions. When necessary the physician will return calls for personal consultation. Patients calling should let our staff know what the problem is and if it is an emergency requiring immediate attention. Please explain your question so that they can quickly connect you to the appropriate person for attention to the call. In general, the physician tries to return telephone calls for routine matters in the afternoon, so it is important to remain accessible. All questions on medications, refills, insurance or appointments should be made during regular office hours. If your doctor is unavailable for any reason, calls will be referred to the associate. However, the office staff should be connected for immediate help and answers to most questions.

    After hours and on weekends, call the office number. The answering service will take the message, locate the physician, and have the call returned promptly. If it is an emergency, such as bleeding, the patient should proceed immediately to the emergency room. The physician will be contacted from there.


    Appointments must be scheduled in advance; however, emergency visits receive priority attention. Permanent records are started with the first visit. It is important that existing insurance be validated. Patients previously under the care of another doctor may be asked for permission to transfer pertinent information.

    All lab work, treatments, injections, dressing changes, and port flushes must have an appointment. During an MD appointment wait is to be expected for lab work or x-rays required prior to seeing the doctor. Cancellations should be made at least one day in advance to allow other patient scheduling. Because we are a specialized practice and a multi-faceted clinic, everyone in the waiting room will not always be waiting to see the doctor. Patients who are to receive chemotherapy treatments, and are to be seen by the doctor, will be given the first appointments of the day in order to provide adequate time for the doctor's examination and for the chemotherapy treatment before the office closes.

    Family consultations are especially important; however, appointments are required to prevent unnecessary delays during routine office hours. Also, outside day care or baby-sitting for children other than patients is encouraged. Patients with low blood counts are particularly vulnerable to illness children routinely carry.

    If you come to the office with fever or other illness please let the front office know immediately so that you can be brought to the back. Remember, when your blood count is low, avoid sick people!

    Also, if you are on oxygen, YOU MUST BRING YOUR OXYGEN WITH YOU TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Otherwise, if we must provide oxygen for you, there may be an additional charge at the time of your visit.