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By: James R. Bain, PhD

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It is a sign of sustained investment in the relationship blood pressure chart conversion buy triamterene 75 mg with mastercard, and it shows continued involvement with the other blood pressure medication good or bad generic triamterene 75mg on-line. Remember heart attack 8 trailer buy triamterene overnight delivery, you can always recruit your outside support system for guidance and assistance. However, your romantic partner is most likely your strongest support, so do your best to use this support on a continuous basis. Resolving Conflicts When emotions are stifled and matters of concern are ignored, the issue is likely to swell inside you and eventually explode. For example, if you feel your partner doesn’t spend enough time with you, first listen to his/her reasoning. Maybe he/she feels overwhelmed at work, so he/she doesn’t arrive home until late at night and then simply wants to go 98 home and sleep. Maybe you could plan an outing on a weekend night when he/she feels rested and can give you the attention you desire. Or maybe you can offer to just listen to your partner vent about their frustrations at work in an effort to soothe his/her anxieties. This might be a back-and-forth process before a solution is achieved, but it will be well worth it if you wish to maintain the relationship. When experiencing a bumpy road with your mood, you may suggest discussions at a later date when you are better equipped to handle it. Remember, every relationship is bound to have ups and downs, and conflicts are an inevitable part of this process. Consider how important this relationship is to you, then take action to resolve the conflict so that you may maintain this connection. Verbalize your interest in his/her point of view, then share your own perspective with the knowledge that this person does care about you as well. Preserving Individuality An often-overlooked aspect to maintaining a healthy romantic relationship is the importance of preserving your individuality. Although you are one of two people in the relationship, you are first and foremost an individual with your own thoughts, values, needs, and interests. Although you respect your partner and are considerate of feelings and demands, you must not neglect your own wants and needs. As such, your individual requests should be met with the same respect and consideration you provide to your partner. If this is ever not the case, return to opening the lines of communication and expressing your emotions. One very effective way of preserving individuality is by establishing boundaries early on. Although you and your partner have shared interests, which you engage in mutually, so as to strengthen and maintain the relationship, you should also have interests independent of your partner. It is very likely that you and your partner will naturally have some differing hobbies and pastimes. It is okay to spend time with your own friends without your partner always present. Maintaining interests it is important that you and activities separate from your partner sustains a sense of self and autonomy, which in turn will benefit tend to your own self-care the overall relationship. This includes maintaining your physical health, which has a direct impact on your mental well being. Of course, it is completely acceptable to do these activities independently of your partner, as this maintains your individual identity. Always keep in mind that if you do not take care of yourself, which includes setting boundaries, keeping hobbies separate from your partner’s, engaging in self-care activities, and embracing your autonomy, you will be ill-equipped to maintain a healthy and supportive romantic relationship. Just as when a relationship is unhealthy and jeopardizes your mental wellbeing, if you are not a healthy individual, the relationship cannot be healthy either. Numerous variables such as mood swings and medication treatment, place even greater importance on understanding and implementing supportive nutrition and lifestyle choices. Often times when faced with challenging feelings and emotions, a natural response might be to eat in an attempt to quell those emotions. Unstable moods such as with bipolar disorder, can make diet and healthy eating behavior even more challenging. However, there are several nutrition recommendations and guidelines that when followed, can assist us in maintaining nutritional health. The most important guideline is to eat on a regular schedule to provide continuous fuel to our bodies.

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In addition blood pressure medication and fatigue order triamterene 75mg mastercard, there is also the need to pulse pressure 31 order triamterene from india assure the accuracy of information that is being used to blood pressure chart for 80 year old woman triamterene 75mg mastercard process the strategic plans into the operational level. This requirement is perhaps more acute in the application of air power than others because of the risk of escalation and the political fallouts that can be expected from air power attacking unacceptable targets. The air commander oversees the planning, execution and alterations in the conduct of the campaign in real-time, which is an onerous task in contemporary joint campaigns. This requires dedicated application of professional mastery achieved through training and education that has helped to instil the necessary leadership skills in individuals. Regaining the initiative in an air campaign can be extremely difcult and resource-intensive Air power application has to be fnely balanced in relation to the adversary’s probable course of action Information security is cardinal to the success of an air campaign Seizing the Opportunity If the opponent opens a doorway, swiftly penetrate it. Discard rules and follow the opponent, All the while looking to fight the decisive battle. The doctrine of war dictates that plans must be fexible in order to adjust them to enemy manoeuvres to ensure victory. In the beginning be cautious, swiftly taking advantage of an opening so that the enemy cannot withstand the assault. Even peace-loving nations will have to be prepared to go to war when necessary and the optimum way to fght a war is to take the ofensive at the earliest opportunity. Sun Tzu has repeatedly emphasised that speed is of the essence in warfare and here again he advocates swift action against the identifed weak point in the adversary’s defences and the seizing of areas or assets that they covet. It could also divert their attention from their weak areas, providing one’s own forces with the opportunity to improve an already advantageous situation. Sun Tzu openly states that in this kind of a situation one must not be unduly concerned about honouring past agreements, and must act when circumstances are right to achieve fnal victory. The advantage that has been gained in the initial manoeuvring must be used to redefne the battlespace and to dictate the manner in which the critical battles will be fought. The commander should carefully avoid being forced into a situation by adversary manoeuvres and must be able to seize and retain the initiative, control the direction and tempo of the confict and achieve swift victory. A skilled commander will hide one’s true intent, wait for the appropriate opportunity, and then strike aggressively and decisively, thereby ensuring that the adversary will not be able to withstand the assault. The fundamentals of Sun Tzu’s strategy of war are succinctly summarised in this stanza: patience to wait for the right opening to become apparent; swiftness in action to exploit the weakness which may not be long lasting; persistence to doggedly follow the adversary irrespective of previous treaties etc. Dependent on the breadth of the strategic objectives to be achieved, independent campaigns may or may not be conducted. In all cases however, exploitation of emerging and possibly short-lived opportunities, especially weaknesses within the adversary defence, is best achieved by the application of air power, leveraging of its inherent speed, range, responsiveness and lethality. This joint approach can be further improved by the use of airlift to carry out ofensive incursions into adversary territory to neutralise identifed centres of gravity that will debilitate the adversary’s warfghting capabilities. Swiftness, persistence and surprise, three of the major principles in Sun Tzu’s warfghting strategy, are resident in air power 403 The Art of Air Power and must be exploited to the maximum at all times. The air commander must be able to identify the opportunities that arise in the conduct of a joint campaign wherein air power will be able to optimise the force’s conduct of the campaign. A successful air campaign is critical to the overall success of the joint campaign. Air power is ideally suited to exploit feeting opportunities Airlift ofers ofensive options to the joint campaign A successful air campaign is critical to the overall success of the joint campaign Conclusion Although it follows the overall format of other chapters by covering leadership requirements at the end, the earlier part is not as well organised. In fact, the axioms move at random from the strategic to the operational and back, reinforcing the belief that this chapter is a collection of disparate thoughts. However, the leadership issues that are covered at the end bring the chapter to a reasonably comprehensive fnish by clearly demarcating the challenges that commanders will face in confict. From an air power perspective, there are three issues that are covered in detail— fexibility, ofensive application of air power and coalition operations. Tere are a number of advantages that come from understanding the fexibility of air power that a sophisticated commander will be able to optimise as required. This fexibility is best retained through centralised control of air power at as high a level as practical, dependent on the context of its application.

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